Pretty sure I couldn’t be more stoked about my new Australia Quidditch olympic jersey. So soft and comfty and yet SO BADASS AND WICKEDSEXYAWESOME.

Can’t wait for my Lensing USA jersey to come in soon. ^_^

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    This chick is sooo cool. -,- Zomg.
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    Salazar makes a move for the catch, and I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout a snitch ;)
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    Hot. I mean, way to support:)
  7. thatdudenamedcody said: I’m not much of a sports watching guy but this.. this I may enjoy ;)
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  9. hakushokuwaisei said: What position do you normally play?
  10. matters-from-ashes said: These quidditch jerseys. Do they make them for every country?
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